18, 19 & 20 september 2022 – Evenementenhal Gorinchem, The Netherlands

In the spotlight: Sharp rise in raw material and transport costs strengthens an all-electric future for the mobility industry with favourable profit margins

In September, the Vélovak team will present the scooter segment at this year’s edition bigger than ever before. E-mobility has brought the worlds of bicycles and scooters ever closer together and this will also be evident at the two-wheeled trade fair. One of the new participants in this segment is Ultron EV, distributor of several major e-mobility brands, including YADEA and HORWIN. The company says it has a love for e-mobility: ‘We don’t only sell vehicles, but we love them too. We are solely focused on E-Mobility. We live it and we share it. Welcome to step into the future together’.
The Vélovak team spoke with Ultron EV’s founders and directors, Floris Immers & Haci Aksu, about their most popular models, scooter trends and opportunities for the two-wheeler industry.

Electric mopeds are very popular. What are the latest models of Ultron EV brands?

“Our new acquisitions are the Robo model (45 km/h version), the Robo S model (80 km/h version) by the SUNRA brand and the EK1 (45 km/h), EK3 (95 km/h and winner Red Dot Design Award 2021) and CR6 (92 km/u) by HORWIN.”

What is the scooter in your range that is currently stealing the show?

“The most popular models at the moment are the G5 by YADEA and the EK1 by HORWIN. The G5 has been on the market for some time, so this model is at the top of the list. The G5 is promoted by well-known faces such as Vin Diesel, among others. The 12 biggest cinemas in the Netherlands are currently running a commercial featuring him.”

E-mobility has brought bicycles and scooters closer together, have you noticed that in the number of dealers? Are more bicycle shops including Ultron e-scooters in their range?

“That’s right. It used to be that scooters were only at real scooter shops. Now that the technology of e-scooters and e-bikes is close together, more bicycle shops are also interested in expanding their range to e-scooters. After all, the maintenance of both types of vehicles is close to each other and does not involve any dirt, motor oil or petrol.”

What are your plans for the next edition in September? Do you already have a little sneak peek of what is to come?

“We are still making the plans with regard to the trade fair itself, but of course there will be vehicles present that can be tested nicely on the Test Course of Vélovak.” Visitors to our stand at Velovak will see that they can come to us for e-scooters from A to Z. We have several brands under 1 roof, which makes it very easy for dealers to make choices. Partly because we specialise in e-mobility, our dealers can expect all the support they need.

We have a number of unveilings planned for Vélovak, but more about that at the end of September on location.”

What trends will we see in the scooter industry in the coming years?

“We see that the switch from petrol to all-electric has accelerated. The steep rise in raw material and transport costs means that the price difference between petrol and electric has narrowed considerably. This accelerates all solutions and developments in e-mobility.
Consumers are also becoming more environmentally aware and notice that driving electric is ultimately a lot more interesting for the wallet. There are therefore many opportunities for the two-wheeler (bicycle, moped, scooter, kickr) sector.

Finally, what opportunities do you see for the two-wheeler specialist?

“If the two-wheeler specialist wants to move with the times, it is advisable to switch completely to all-electricity as soon as possible. Personnel costs can be reduced, there are very favourable profit margins on (our) e-scooters, and they are ahead of any competition who have not yet set their sights on the future!”

Curious to know more about Ultron EV? Their stand number? Or want to contact the brand? Then visit Ultron EV’s online company profile.

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