At trade event Velovak, you will meet your suppliers, new suppliers and starters in various categories such as bicycles, sports bikes, moped, cargo, scooters, parts, accessories, shop and workshop, and services and systems. The upcoming edition will focus on two-wheeler applications within the themes of sustainability, innovation, e-mobility and urban mobility. From products produced with the most sustainable materials, green mobility solutions to the latest developments in electric and urban mobility.

Do you work in a bicycle or moped shop, a sports bike shop or for a company that uses two-wheelers for business purposes? At Velovak, every professional can gain knowledge and inspiration:

  • De Werkplaats | Follow technical workshops and turn your workshop into a well-oiled machine.
  • Sport Café de Demarrage | Attend inspiration sessions on topics such as bikefitting, training and nutrition especially for the sports specialist shops.
  • Velovak Academy | Gain inspiration and knowledge during the master classes for successful entrepreneurship.


Partners Velovak

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