ABLOC sports bier


ABLOC sports bier

ABLOC’s mission is to be ‘The Ultimate Sports Beer’ worldwide and is more than a beer brand. À Bloc is French for ‘full house’, a cycling term that reflects the brewery’s ambition.

A beer that contains little or no alcohol for sporty, active people who love a good glass of beer but want to stay fit and sharp.
– Session Blonde 2.8%
– Ultralight IPA 1.2%
– Pro Zero 0.0% alcohol-free

They believe that sports performances should always be celebrated! Preferably with friends. Getting the best out of yourself and inspiring others to do the same. Living the adventure and sharing experiences with others is the basis of everything they do. “Life is what you make of it”.

ABLOC’s beers are brewed using only the best ingredients. The beers are rich in proteins and vitamin B. In addition, Alpine minerals have been added. When the recipe was formed they had kept in mind the moment after a good ride with friends. The time for a well deserved refreshing craft beer that they brew for everyone.

Why ABLOC beer?
– Low in alcohol, good taste
– Enriched with Alpine Minerals®
– Health & Sports lifestyle

ABLOC is a low-alcohol beer that is brewed by and for cycling enthusiasts. The beer is beneficial for recovery after exercise.





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