Bikeshield frame bescherming


Protect your bike with Bikeshield against paint damage caused by cables, chain and stone chips or when transporting your bike!
Includes UV protection so that the stickers do not yellow or discolour.

A very special feature of these slightly thicker stickers is that they repair themselves in case of minor damage!
For all bikes, for all places on the bike.

The invisible protective stickers are easy to apply by everyone and come off without paint damage!

Why do you choose Bikeshield protection?
-Protects frame and paint
-Easy to apply
-Self-repairing material
-Universal fit
-UV protective and does not discolour
-Breathes, so that air bubbles disappear by themselves
-For all parts of your bike, Bikeshield has a solution to protect your frame against damage, scratches or chafing.

These are available in sets, but for the workshop there are also rolls of film (in different sizes) available.
All variants are available in high-gloss and a matte finish.





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