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K.M.C. Chain Europe BV

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Based on more than 40 years of experience KMC is the worlds largest chain manufacturer. We, the people behind the brand, have a clear focus: The best possible product for your demand. Our chains feature 100% functionality, easy handling and maximum durability. Constant innovations underline our claim to be a true market leader in chain technology.

Producing chains is a complex process, however KMC’s aim is very simple,
We produce bicycle chains:
For any system.
For any bike.
For any purpose.

KMC chains are available for all common derailleur systems and they are compatible with the systems of all major manufacturers. The product names clarify this: the chains of the X11 series, for example, fit all 11-Speed systems and are suitable for all cycling disciplines.

Almost all boxed KMC chains come with a MissingLink. The installation is very simple and a secure lock always guaranteed. With a standard chain de-riveter, each chain can be shortened to the correct length. For closing and opening the MissingLink we recommend our pliers.

The many field tests we have conducted, clearly show that KMC chains last much longer than comparable chains from other brands. We support this statement with our unique satisfaction guarantee Durability Warranty, proving the trust we put in our products.

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