Tracefy GPS tracker for E-bikes


The Tracefy bicycle GPS tracker is a small module that can be installed invisibly in almost every E-bike. It contains various sensors such as GPS, WiFi, shock sensor and Bluetooth for optimal location determination.

With the Tracefy app you are always virtually connected to your bicycle and you can see where your bicycle is, among other things. But the app offers many more useful functionalities. For example, you will receive a notification when your bicycle is moved, you can view all the routes traveled, distances, calories, etc. And has your bicycle been stolen? Then you can easily report this via the app and the investigation service will start working.

Via the app you can choose only a subscription to the connectivity (€ 3.95 per month) or a trace and recovery subscription (€ 6.95 per month).

With a trace and recovery subscription you can fall back on a specialized investigation service (FRIS) that will retrieve your bicycle. You activate this service with the report button “my bicycle has been stolen” in the Tracefy app. About 90% of the stolen bicycles are found by FRIS, if you want even more security, you can also insure the bicycle against theft. Kingpolis offers a discount on bicycles with a trace and recovery subscription.





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