DOOHAN iLark – The three-wheeled e-scooter sensation


It is powered by a top-quality Bosch Electric Motor and a Lithium-ion 48V 16AH battery. Thanks to its sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS) the iLark can reach a range of 30 kilometres with one full charge. It features the innovative Doohan Dual Wheel Technology (DDWT), see below. It is an all-LED electric scooter with 12-inch wheels to facilitate your driving experience.

Bosch Motor
The electric motor is the heart of the electric scooter and what better motor to have for your e-scooter than a Bosch. The high standards and attention to detail in its manufacturing will ensure you will not have to stress about servicing your motor in the future.

LCD Instrument Panel
The iLark is advanced in every aspect. Hence, its dashboard is a standout feature. The iLark features an LCD instrument panel that displays all the vital metrics you need to be aware of when driving.

The battery of the iLark is located under the mainframe for better weight distribution and a lower centre of gravity for increased driver safety. The iLark features a removable 48V 16AH Lithium-ion battery that reaches an autonomy of 30km.

Foldable Design
The iLark could not be the perfect urban e-scooter if it was not designed to serve the needs of the modern rider. The iLark has a foldable design. You can switch from the folding position to the ready-to-drive position in a matter of seconds. When folded, it is capable of being carried inside public means of transport, fit inside the trunk of the car or stored in a closet or at the office.

Doohan Dual Wheel Technology (DDWT)
The iLark features the Doohan Dual Wheel Technology, or DDWT for short, a cutting-edge technology, that is also exclusively patented by Doohan. This highly sophisticated system ensures that the driver is able to manoeuvre effortlessly. The DDWT system adjusts seamlessly to the road surface. It is a state-of-art steering system that will take your driving experience to the next level.



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