About us

Tiler introduces the world’s first wireless charging tile for e-bikes. The effortless charging solution that you don’t have to think about.

No more hassle with cables or removing the battery to charge, and:
I. Clean and minimal impact on the cityscape
II. Safe, sturdy, and vandalism proof
III. Saves you money

Our charging solution is ideal for corporate fleets, that:
I. Require their own charging infrastructure
II. Use multiple e-bikes
III. Use their e-bikes frequently

Examples are corporate share e-bikes, e-bike rental, home care, hotels, campuses, A-B-A travel, and many more!

After our first introduction to charge e-bikes we are also developing seamless charging for electric Cargo bikes, scooters (step), and other light electric transport. Our goal is to have one tile that can charge them all.

TILER envisions a future with light electric vehicles posing a solution for many problems we are facing today. Such as pollution, traffic jams, lots of concrete and an unhealthy lifestyle.

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