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In 1982, the German electronics pioneer Klaus-Peter Schendel
launched the first-ever digital bike computer: the Cyclecoach.
Almost 40 years later, SIGMA continues to offer cyclists ground
breaking products like its GPS bike computers, smartphone apps
and lighting.
The introduction of a new brand logo in early 2021 signalled
the beginning of a number of activities aimed at strengthening
the company’s future position and actively helping to design
the mobility revolution. Proof of this are the three new GPS
bike computers launched from the ROX family this year and the
“EOX VIEW 1300” e-bike display is now available from dealers.
This is just the beginning; Starting autumn 2021, new lighting
systems will ensure more safety and visibility on and off the
street and the new SIGMA ORIGINALS will reenergize the bike
computer market.
Partner with us in outfitting your customer’s bikes with our
ground breaking technology. Let’s enjoy the ride together!
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