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We are Battery Control.

Three committed entrepreneurs with 30 years of experience in the bicycle industry who have been involved in the introduction and sale of E-bikes since 1999, when the market still consisted of 2,500 units. A few years later the ‘invisible’ E-bike came on the market and had a battery in the frame and it was not yet possible to see that it was an E-bike, because the E-bike was then known as an old people’s bicycle.

Due to the enormous increase in sales of electric bicycles, we saw a few years ago that the E-bike battery can cause many fire incidents if used incorrectly. Due to the increased use of the lithium ion battery, we also saw an increase in a social problem. In recent years there have been several bicycle shops with fire.

In the Food Delivery market there have been so many claims in the last 2 years that the insurer has also started to deal with this increasing problem. This mainly happened after a fire with an E-bike lithium ion battery in a monumental building in Utrecht with enormous damage.

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