How do you deal with customers and how are youo there for them? That is what the 5-star specialist label stands for! 

Advanced Ebike

Advanced Ebike wants to motivate people and inspire them with their innovative products whereby the focus lies on sustainable materials. 

Ananda Drive Techniques

Ananda has more than 20 years of experience in producing of a competitive drive system for e-bikes. 

AGM Bike

AGM Bike is the label under which AGM has accommodated their electric bicycle range. 

AGM Goccia

The electrical scooter from AGM Goccia has an unique design, sustainable component and perfect driving characteristics. 

A-Line Tires​

A-Line Tires offers divers motocycle and scooter tires.

Alpha Styling

Alpha Stying is the brand that is specialised in, among others, flashing lights and rear lights for motorcycles and scooters.


Aplus is the own brand of Aplus-Line and is characterized by the excellent price/quality ratio for the motorcycles and scooters.

Aplus Batteries

Aplus Batteries offers everything that has to do with batteries for motorcycles and scooters.

Asecos BV

Asecos assists with proud in creating new safety sstandards and in  the end, with their products, hope to reduce accidents.


Bafang, one of the most leading manufacturers in e-mobility components and complete e-drive systems, produces since 2003 solutions for electrical vehicles.


BEONE is the electrical foldable bike with which you can easily and sustainably travel everywhere. The bicycles are deployable in the city, but also for mountainous terrains.


BESV was created from a passion for bikes and has grown to be the e-bike brand with the biggest future based on innovations. 


Cyclesoftware has created a software for  optimal support of purchase, sale and service activities. All focused on service improvement.


Cyclon believes that everyone can keep their bike in perfeect condition, That is why they offer various bicycle care products to clean, lubricate and protect.


Denios is completely dedicated to safe storage and handling of hazardous substances, safety in the workplace and protection of the environment. 


Doleweerd is a wholesaler in the field of parts and accessories for mopeds and scooters.

Dutch Bike Company

Dutch Bike Company delivers a complete product range of e-bikes, compact foldable, Trekking-, City-, E-MTB, E-urban and Gravel-bikes 


Ecooter has been active for years in the motor and scooter branche. Their goal is to bring the ultimate driving experience to you. 


Fantic Netherlands has a range in e-bikes, from trendy city bike to highend mountainbike. Fantic even offers models for the fatbike or race bike fanatic.


Hendries offers a big range of various kwalitative good products with, among others, an electrical bicycle pump. 


At Horwin they are convinced that the future belongs to electric mobility, Innovations, quality and trust play an important role. 

Huyser Fietsen

Huyser offers affordable e-bikes of perfect quality where innovation and a beautiful design ae still central. 

International Mobility Group

International Mobility Group is importer of several two-wheeled vehicles in the moped and light motorcycle market.


Italjet”s founder had a vison: to create an innovative vehicle, completely characterized by a lot of attention to mechanical sophistication, distinctive style and design. 

Jools Bikes

The bicycles from Jools Bikes stand for quality for an afordable price, Besides that, they strive to produce beautiful bikes. 


The electrical bikes from Keola bring you freedom to go where you want. Their e-bikes are made for hedonists. 


Magura does not only stand for passion and technical  innovations, but even more important for maximal safety and exemplary quality. 


A Muon e-bike is specifically developed to do what you want to do for every goal. This all is put, from head to toe, in a sporty jacket.  

New Brinckers

New Brickers is continiously busy to make a bike that makes you smile. They find it there too important to keep innovating. 


QWIC offers the alternative for the car and public transport, That is why sustainability forms the basis of their e-ikes. 


SitePack supports in building up your online store in only a few minutes without any technical knowledge. 


Tenways want to build a more sustainable world together by making green mobility available for everyone. 

Timyo Cycle

Timyo Cycle develops e-bikes for a diversity of customers and end users worldwide. 


Toplock offers locks for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. Besides that, they are from high quality and have a ART 4 label. 


VanDijck stands for high quality electrical bicycles and are continuously looking for the best driving experience for their customers.

Velo de Ville

Velo de Ville stands for sustainability, quality and individuality. Besides that, the bicycle is completely adapted tot the wishes of the client.

Vito Helmets

Vito Helmets has years of experience in helmets and offer a lot of knowledge in this. From children helmets to vast helmets and everything in between.

Vogue Bikes

Vogue Bikes stands for quality, sustainability and ease. Besides that, they want to make e-bikes afordable for everyone.

Wilmar Info Systems

Wilmar Info Systems takes care of the complete automation and digitization of the store in which they honour craftsmanship and personal contact.

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